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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration is a graduate program focused on the business world, and one of the most popular study programs for those with a bachelor’s degree in finance, marketing and business management where some statistics indicate 100,000 new graduates from the MBA Business annually in the United States of America only.
The MBA program is designed mainly for people who want to enter the business world, where they receive real examples and cases during their studies to ask them to discuss, analyze and find optimal solutions, while traditional lessons and lectures are less frequent.

Who studies MBA?

Unlike other postgraduate programs, the MBA is suitable for students who return to study after a period of interruption due to work, for example the average age of MBA students at the London Business School is 29 years, most of whom have 5 years of practical experience.
Why do you like to study MBA?
MBA is seen as one of the key requirements for strong entry into the business and finance sector, and these are the most important reasons why you study this master according to the opinion of many experts.

Why do you like to study MBA?

Development of management skills: Many of the employees who aspire to senior management positions turn to MBA MBA, where they come out of their comfort zone to deal with real and serious issues in the world of international business which contributes significantly to the development of those Skills dramatically.
Higher salaries: According to some figures, a MBA graduate is expected to receive two times more salary than a person holding a regular master’s degree, where the average salary of an MBA can be about $85 thousand a year, while it may amount to 100,000 euros And in the countries of the European Union.
Entrepreneurship: MBA may be a good way to enter the business world, where an MBA student acquires the necessary information and skills to create businesses or develop existing institutions. Many MBA graduates also launch their own business activities.
Senior positions: According to a number of studies, MBA graduates have a greater chance of getting a higher job position, as 50% of the world’s MBA holders work either as executive Directors, board members, and department heads and departments.

What are the types of MBA programs?

  • General MBA: A suitable choice for those with limited experience (not exceeding 3 years) in the business world, who aspire at the same time to develop their career.
  • Executive MBA: Usually a part-time course, which is suitable for people who work in senior management positions and who want access to more important management centers.
  • Specialist MBA: An ideal choice for people who have limited management experience and want to enhance their expertise and skills in a given field.
  • Distance Learning MBA: Or as a MBA for online MBA, it seems to be an ideal choice for people who can’t always be at university because of personal obligations such as work, study, family and travel difficulties.

 Duration of study and admission requirements

The duration of a full-time MBA is usually two academic years, and the admission requirements for MBA are different depending on the university and the type of MBA program, and the following are the most common admission requirements at American universities or European universities.

Admission Requirements for the MBA program in most universities in America:

  • Bachelor’s degree for a 4-year program from an American university or recognized educational institution.
  • Practical experience of at least two years.
  • Resume.
  •  Personal Statement.
  • Letters of professional recommendation.
  • Guide to English language proficiency by obtaining the following grades in one of my exams (TOEFL CBT = 213-250, TOEFL PBT = 550-600, IELTS = 6-6.5).
  • Get a score between 550 and 600 in Graduate Management Admission Test known as GMAT.

 Admission Requirements for MBA program in most UK universities:

  • Minimum 3 years of full-time practical experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Pass one of the admissions exams which may be the GMAT or GRE exam.
  • Proficiency in any non-English language may be an additional point, while the English language test scores are (TOEFL IBT = 89-94, TOEFL PBT = 577-587, IELTS = 6-6.5).

Top 10 Universities for MBA

At this point we rely on the classification issued by the QS specialized in higher education, which publishes annual lists of the best universities according to a methodology based on a set of key points, the following are the best colleges to study an MBA.
Harvard Business School
 Institute Européen D’adminstration des Affaires
Ecole des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris
Stanford Graduate School of Business
London Business School
The Wharton School
MIT Sloan School of Management
Columbia Business School
Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford
IE Business School
In addition to this classification, mega financial institutions such as the finance Times, the Economics, Bloomberg, Forbes issue their own lists of the best MBA colleges.


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