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10 reasons to answer a question why study in Canada
This question was asked by a thousand international students in Canada about the reasons for choosing to study in Canada. These were their answers, and here are ten other very important reasons!
Nature and four distinct seasons
Canada has large cities, and it also retains a huge area of uninhabited land and has many public and local parks. As Canada is a very large country with three oceans on its borders (the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean), there is a clear diversity of landscapes from one coast to another and one province to another.
Canada also has four clearly differentiated chapters and the temperature changes dramatically during the year. In winter, some cities barely have ice, while others have plenty of ice, and in summer temperatures can reach above 30 degrees Celsius. With such diversity there are activities suitable for everyone, including free indoor and outdoor recreational activities.
Excellent health care
Compared to other countries, health insurance in Canada is expensive but the services provided by Canadian hospitals are among the most advanced and easily accessible services in the world.
Canadian education system
Canadian universities are committed to high standards of access to academic excellence, and are always present in the world rankings of the highest universities. Furthermore, Canadian university tuition fees are among the lowest in English-speaking countries.
Internationally recognized certificates
Every year hundreds of thousands of international students attend Canadian universities and colleges. They receive certificates that are recognized globally as equivalent to certificates issued by the United States and the Commonwealth (British Association). Canada is proud to have a wide range of quality educational institutions that grant degrees and diplomas in technical and vocational fields.
Learn or improve a second language
For more than a century, he has taught the official languages of Canada (English and French) as second languages, and that is why we are the world’s pioneers in language training. International students usually decide to attend language training courses before the start of the academic program.
Canada is a quiet, secure and politically stable state
Canada is a democratic state that implements laws that protect the rights of its citizens, and is also little affected by natural disasters.
Multicultural State
Over the past one hundred and fifty years, Canada has received more than 15 million migrants. Canada is home to more than 1 million native inhabitants, including First Nations, Meti and Inuit. Canada has a general policy of multiculturalism and is keen to protect and respect the customs and traditions of all people.
Possibility of working in Canada after graduation
International students graduating from Canadian universities and colleges have the opportunity to work in Canada for up to a year after receiving a university degree. International students can work on campus without a work permit, and there are plans to allow international students to work outside the campus as well.
The United Nations ranked Canada as one of the world’s best living places
The assessment was based on Canada’s achievements in terms of educational attainment, average age, national income and overall quality of life. Also take into account the abundance of purified water, adequate population density, low rates of violent crime, and a model health care system.
Canadians are people who respect and welcome differences. Our educational institutions support the reception of new students from abroad and are seriously seeking to increase the number of international students. It is indisputable that the time you will spend in Canada will never be forgotten. So what are you still waiting for?


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