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The United States does not have a single category that recognizes external certificates and other qualifications through which you can register to study in America to obtain a certificate from an American educational institution.
International conventions recognize higher education institutions for those who are seeking registration at universities in the United States of America.
Educational Qualifications in America
In order to receive university admission in the United States, you must have at least a secondary school certificate or equivalent, and there is also a range of qualifications that are taken into consideration including the grades you have obtained, and any relevant tests you have received, and the university will By equating your Master degree with these key requirements.
Because the education system is different from one city to another, some universities may find it difficult to make this decision, some universities return to the so-called (Approved evaluation Services) Sometimes the international study office tells you what to do to be accepted at the university, but ultimately it uses these services, These services are an independent group to analyze qualifications and documents and inform the University of their equivalent.
If the Ministry of Higher Education has acted as a trustee for evaluation services and has made it effective, sometimes you do not have to do anything, and the university will take care of that part, if the university tells you that you have to get the evaluation service, you have to be very careful, some of them are not supported by services This mandate.
Selection of approved evaluation services
How do you know what evaluation services are supported? You do not have to be mistaken if you have dealt with approved services that are not involved with either of the following organizations:
  • International Organization for Evaluation Services (NACES):19 Evaluation Service has admission criteria and a constitution that is constrained by good experience.                                       
  • Accredited International Resident organization (AICE):10 accredited residents are board members of the Ethics reform monetary Constitution.

What are the requirements of this service?
There are some requirements that evaluation services require you to process your request for an assessment:
Fees: The cost of the assessment is different from what information you have available.
English translation: If you have anything in the native language of your country, you should look at the possibility of obtaining a certified certificate in English.
The specialty you study: your admission to the university may depend on the specialization you are studying and the current specialization may have different requirements for admission.
The best: If you have any studies related to your specialty in your country of origin whatever you provide them, graduation rate, disclosure of marks, certificates, diplomas, test results, and anything else you can give to the Evaluation Office so they will have enough information to study Your case, the more information you give, the more information you receive, the more you get the acceptance.
Now what?
The evaluation service will assess your situation, there are a number of factors that include the evaluation process and the department will study your case independently, so the assessment is done for American citizens alike.
We will talk more in the Applications section, you may be evaluated differently depending on the specialty you seek, if you are dissatisfied with the evaluation process, you can apply for an evaluation appeal, and therefore the international Study office located at the university where you intend to register will By helping you to do the stabbing without a lot of trouble, the appeal process may take a while and it can not yield positive results but it is worth a try if you intend to register at that university to the fullest extent.
The requirements you need to register at the university in the United States of America will be decided by the university and the evaluation department located at the university or adopted by you.
The ISC, which you have chosen to study, will help you with any question or inquiry that may appear during the university registration process, do not despair and make sure you communicate regularly, good luck with all the opportunities available to you.


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