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What is the difference between the UK and American school system?

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Study abroad in general is the best rich experience of the university student, giving him great
opportunities not available to him if he completed his studies in his home country; getting a degree from the best prestigious international universities means identifying new countries and providing a tremendous opportunity to experience different styles From the system of distinguished academic education in the field in which you want to specialize and acquire new and diverse cultures, as well as practicing foreign language in scientific and practical way, identify new activities and skills, develop your personal abilities and gain scientific, practical and life experience, and also do not forget the most reason Importance, which is to obtain more sophisticated career opportunities and that the holder of certified certificates from international universities is desirable by employers.
But the confusion may be possessed by many, which is better in terms of advantages, is education in America or education in Britain, where we find that they share many characteristics such as the distinctive education system and the presence of the best universities classified as the best international universities, and the competition between the two countries in the field of education Academic is a strong competition, where they have a high rate of polarization for international students, and here you can identify all the differences between them through the following lines, where the beginning with the costs of studying in each, which students put in their considerations while planning to complete their studies abroad The fact is that tuition costs for education in America and Britain are high compared to education in other countries.
But Britain is lower in terms of university tuition compared to America, due to the British Government’s determination of the maximum cost of schooling, Which is estimated at £20,000 for international students, and each university has the freedom to determine its tuition fees, provided that it does not exceed this limit, but for the costs of education in America there is no limit, and the university is fully free to determine its tuition fees which vary from university to Other, which may sometimes reach 50,000 US dollars, in return, the two countries jointly provide material support to students in the form of student loans, free scholarships, etc., in order to motivate them to complete their studies.
As for the stay in both Britain and America, both countries offer a variety of options for their students in terms of providing suitable accommodation within the university residence, housing in private apartments or lodging in families and each of these options for a different material, while the difference between them lies in differences Simple for university accommodation is the possibility of providing services such as catering, cleaning and maintenance services. Etc.

Education system at both American and British universities

When you apply for admission to an American or British university, both are required to obtain a general secondary School certificate or equivalent and to pass IELTS or TOEFL tests in appropriate grades according to the conditions of each university and according to their specialization, in addition to the fact that some universities require the passing of types Different tests of specialized abilities and personal interviews.
The education system in America differs from Britain on many items, generally the school term in Britain is short compared to America, for example a bachelor’s degree in Britain can be completed after 3 years, while it lasts for four years in America and a doctorate degree can be obtained From British universities after 3 years, while the education system in America makes it necessary for a student to study from 5 to 7 years before getting a PhD, this is due to the nature of the programs and disciplines in both countries, where universities in Britain are characterized as providing more accurate programs They specialize, while university programs in America are characterized by expansion and flexibility.
For the academic year, it is longer in the UK’s education system, stretching from September to June, while it starts at American universities from August to June with students getting half-year leave around the month, and there are some differences in the education system in both America and Britain The nature of learning in America depends on the student’s assignments, and accordingly his grades are assessed according to what he offers throughout the academic year as he passes the year-end exams, and in contrast, British universities receive the full education responsibility of the student The grades are evaluated based on final exams only at the end of the year.

Employment opportunities offered by education systems in America and Britain

Before choosing the right environment to study abroad, what is most important to students is any education system that offers good job opportunities? Both during the study to reduce its costs or after graduation, British and American universities develop specific laws to regulate working hours during the study, and there are types of student visa, which allow him to work while studying officially in Britain, where students are allowed during their studies Working for 20 hours a week, working full-time during holidays, and what distinguishes America’s education system is that its educational institutions have a special section that helps students find jobs.


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