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Study of humanities disciplines in Britain

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Study of humanities disciplines in Britain‬‏
The field of humanities is concerned with the study of human phenomena and activities, and all related motives and results, and how to improve them; therefore, the human soul is the focus of research in this science, and it was the first appearance of this science in the 19th century, where its importance is to acquire the skills of dealing with different Life situations such as success, failure and challenges, the acquisition of analytical thinking skills that lead the person to success and the ability to communicate with others in different ways, and the importance of studying some branches of humanities in understanding the various aspects of the community, and the development of solutions to all the problems that Face. 

Main and sub-specialties of humanities

The humanities are numerous and are divided into major and sub-specialized branches, and these disciplines are as follows:
History, archeology, political Science, sociology, geography, economics, literature and criticism, anthropology, philosophy, public relations, and many more delicate disciplines, which are needed by the labor market, so that you have a high degree of scientific qualification in the field Humanities, especially if the study at one of the best universities in Britain opens up wide horizons, both professional and academic, and we note the importance of this because the universities recommended in Britain are not limited to teaching the humanities branches in a purely theoretical way, but offer various programs Research, development and practical applications. 
Having advanced degrees in the humanities, especially from a recommended university in Britain, qualifies you for various positions, including: computer, human resources, media, public relations, creative writing, marketing, banking, law, and teaching. And so on.   

The difference between human sciences and social sciences

There is a delicate hair between the study of humanities and Social sciences, which is that the first is concerned with studying the origin, culture and behavior of the human being, without regard to the environment or the society in which he lives, while social sciences are competent to study the extent of human interaction within the society in which he lives. 

The most important British universities that offer specialized programs in the humanities

Bangor University
Founded in 1884, it is one of the best universities in Britain that has committed to academic excellence for over 130 years, and is among the top 10 universities in the UK for the year 2018 in terms of career opportunities, and 93% of its students are recruited or complete their academic studies during Six months of graduation.
The university has more than 160 buildings, 23 academic departments offering more than 200 undergraduate courses and 150 postgraduate courses in January and September.
Coventry University
One of the recommended universities in Britain, in which you can study the various branches of humanities in which students from more than 130 countries are enrolled, offer them more than 250 programs in different disciplines, and are among the best universities in Britain according to the Guardian University Handbook of 2019.
Hull University
Founded in 1927, it is attended by more than 16,000 students and is one of the top ten universities in the UK to provide jobs for its graduates.
Ulcan University
One of the recommended universities in Britain, whose students are awarded university degrees in various disciplines of humanities, was founded in 1828 CE and aims through its teaching methods to create academic student talents.
University of East London
Founded in 1992, despite its novelty, it is characterized by a high academic level that creates creative energy for students through research and discovery.
University of Hartford-shire
Founded in 1925, it is attended by about 20,000 students, with an international student population of about 27%, the student can enroll in the Faculty of Humanities, and choose from 150 courses.
Middlesex University
Founded in 1972, it has four faculties: the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, computer science, business, and arts and education.


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