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Study of engineering disciplines at Coventry University 

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Many reasons attract thousands of students to study in England, the most important of which is the distinguished world-renowned educational system, which aims to develop different skills and aspects that enable the student to keep up with the demands of the labor market and meet all challenges and qualify for excellence in the personal level And professional and social, it is enough for the student to receive higher education at one of the best universities in Britain in order to find great opportunities to join the major companies and institutions, and Coventry University is a vivid example of this flexible educational system known for its ability to develop a sense of independence and creativity And take responsibility for the students.
Founded in 1843 by the name of Coventry Polynesian, the State University of Coventry began its work as a British university in 1992, with more than 17,000 students enrolled, with an international student population of about 14% from more than 130 countries worldwide, joining more than 250 programs in its group He is a specialist, and they enjoy a great learning experience and a distinctive impression given to him by the university’s teaching staff.

The university has a privileged position among the best universities in Britain, where it has received the following decorations and centers:

  • The golden assessment of the British Government is related to the quality of university education.
  • The university won 13th place in the UK in the year 2019, according to the Guardian’s guide.
  • The best modern British universities are according to the Guardian University’s 2018 guide.
  • She has received an advanced position among the best universities of higher education in terms of distinguished teaching staff according to The Times Magazine for Higher education.
  • Ranked among the top 200 international Universities according to Times Magazine.
The University of Coventry campus has four main faculties:
  • College of Health and Life sciences.
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
  • Faculty of Commerce, Environment and meeting.
  • College of Engineering, Environment and computing.
In addition to two schools and a specialized research center are:
  • The school of long-term education.
  • School of Art and design.
  • And the Center for Postgraduate studies and development.

Study of engineering disciplines at Coventry University

The UK is generally among the best and most distinguished places to study engineering disciplines in all areas, for the following reasons:
  • The low cost compared to other developed countries such as the United States of America, for example.
  • Providing distinctive jobs in major companies and institutions in developed countries.
  • Strong support in all its forms for scientific research and work that research should make a tangible difference in society.
As for the study of engineering disciplines at Coventry University, it has a renowned reputation at the world level in the field of research and teaching, which is in keeping with the requirements of current and future business owners, as well as the presence of the College of Engineering in the birthplace of the British automobile industry, which allows students and staff Dealing with the most important issues of society with a view to making a tangible and positive impact.

Engineering majors at Coventry University

Engineering is a vast field that encompasses many sciences and disciplines, and Coventry University has many disciplines and departments that follow the faculty of Engineering, including:
  • Department of Computing, Electronics and mathematics.
  • Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and automotive engineering.
  • Department of Energy, Construction and environment.
  • Manufacturing and Materials Engineering department.
Students at Coventry University are one of the best recommended universities in Britain to receive their education by a distinguished teaching staff, educational facilities, ultra-modern equipment and an innovative curriculum based on research and realistic projects, so that the College of Engineering and Computing has a positive and effective impact on Scientific and cultural development and social technology throughout the world.
Dear student, in order to be accepted in Coventry, the best universities in the UK in engineering, you have to prove your mastery of the four English language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing, where a score of 7 is required in the IELTS test, and high grades are required in the fields of mathematics And physics for their direct association with engineering disciplines.
On the other hand, you should have a creative side and a full willingness to conduct all the research and projects that will be asked of you, which of course will be projects aimed at making a real difference in the labor market.
The application at Coventry University is easy to identify the specialty the student wants to enroll in, and then send the following documents:
  • Proof of the appropriate degree of IELTS test.
  • Records of student academic degrees.
  • Copies of valid passport.
  • Number of personal photos with white background.
Previous documents and registration are sent through the university website or via their e-mail.


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