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Study in the British city of Oxford

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Study in the British city of Oxford‬‏
Located in Xfordshire in the Thames Valley in England, Oxford is a small town with a population of 145,100 people, according to the 2004 census. The city of Oxford is home to many of the most recommended colleges and universities in Britain, including Oxford University, one of the best recommended universities in Britain.

Study in Britain

The study in Britain, especially in the city of Oxford, is a great opportunity for the international student because of the different aspects of the city, it offers the student several facilities for the study as well as accommodation and living facilities. The city also boasts many of the recommended institutes in Britain and in this article we will talk about a group of the best recommended institutes in Britain in this city:
Center for British Studies-Oxford
The British Study center-Oxford is located in the best part of the city, in the historic St Giles district, less than 100 meters from the world-famous Ashmolian museum and close to a part of Oxford University.
Center for English Studies-Oxford
The Center for English Studies was established in 1979, with over 30 years of experience in the field of English language teaching for students from all over the world.
Teachers in England are highly qualified, in addition to having many diplomas and degrees specializing in teaching English as a foreign language.
The motto of the Center for English Studies is care-excellence-and success.
The mission of the Kings Institute in all its branches is to provide general and language education for young people from all over the world who are willing to study in an English-speaking environment – where the center works to develop and nurture every student to help him achieve his personal ambitions and achievements as well as to obtain the best results from education Conform to his or her educational conditions, abilities and needs.
Kaplan International Institute for English Language Education-Oxford
Oxford is the most famous university city in the world, and a student can be part of her history by studying it. He studied English students in the city since 1096, giving the place a sense of ancient history and originality, while the Institute continues to maintain a vibrant student community.
The city of Oxford is an academy for language testing, which means Kaplan International Institute specializes in supporting students to achieve the highest possible score in IELTS. IELTS lessons will be available either in the morning or in the evenings and students will have the option to undergo experimental and regular IELTS exams. They will be taught by teachers who have received specialized training in IELTS and will receive support during their course with courses and study plans focused on increasing their IELTS score.
Kaplan International Institute has excellent learning facilities with an on-site café serving food and drink.
The Kaplan International Oxford Institute also features a comprehensive range of general English courses to prepare your IELTS test.
Studying in Britain at the Kaplan Institute in Oxford is not only about studying but also enjoying visiting many attractions such as visiting the river and visiting the colleges of Oxford Universities, with a wonderful blend of museums, restaurants and many other beautiful places.


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