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Master of Marketing Studies 

The United States is the most popular among Arab students to study masters, especially in the field of marketing, as many colleges of commerce offer a master’s degree in marketing.

Why do I study marketing?

If you want to develop your marketing skills or want to gain more experience before you start working, your masters are what suits you.

Why do I study in the United States?

The U.S. education system aims to understand and apply information rather than save it, so you may be asked to collect some information from different sources and to create your own perspective and offer it to your teachers and colleagues. The process of teaching is interactive and based on the skills of understanding so that the student must be glorious to English altogether.

What does the program offer?

The traditional master’s degree program at one of the prestigious American universities offers a number of skills for students, namely creativity, marketing, distribution, pricing, product management and customer service in the most convenient and efficient way. Some colleges also offer courses for distance learning, but this interferes with the acquisition of practical experience and the resolution of problems on the ground. The practical experience gained from dealing directly with the problem on the ground is one that distinguishes the master’s study from the other.
The first year includes the introduction of principles such as marketing, money market, business strategy planning, management organization, management techniques, operations management, communications and negotiation. The second year is based on the part you want to study further.


Students are prepared to work in the field of marketing in all fields. You can also work in public relations, advertising, distribution, product development, international marketing, sales management, e-commerce, customer service management.

Enrollment Requirements

You must obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field related to this study and you also have to get the IELTS or TOEFL certificates in effect. You also prefer to have previous work experience in this area.

Where can you study?

The trade colleges are arranged by private agencies according to the competence of their graduates.  It is therefore useful to see this arrangement before deciding which college to apply. According to the New American College of Commerce, the top 10 trade colleges that offer a master’s degree in marketing are:
  1. Northwestern University 
  2. University of Pennsylvania 
  3. Duke University 
  4. Stanford University 
  5. Harvard University 
  6. Columbia University 
  7. University of Chicago 
  8. University of California-Brickley 
  9. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 
  10. New York University


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