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Management and Engineering specialties at Solent University

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You can study the disciplines of engineering in their different fields, and in an effective teaching way, with high levels of quality at Solent University, one of the great universities of Britain, with other students from more than 135 different nationalities, know with us more details about this university and its advantages, and the way to study Management disciplines and areas of engineering.
Solent University, located near the center of Southampton, Hampshire, England, was established as a Higher Education institute in 1984, and was accredited as a university in 2005, and Solent is a universally recognized British University in all university disciplines available, including engineering disciplines and specialization Works, design and technology, law, fine arts, marine science, media industry, etc., and international students make up 30% of all students. 

Advantages of studying at the University of Solent, UK

International students prefer to study at Solent for the following reasons:
  • The study at Solent University provides students in various undergraduate disciplines with the practical skills they need to succeed in the workplace, where the curriculum was created in cooperation with employers in the industry.
  • The university provides its students with adequate support, both in terms of academic support, the creation of private projects, or the search for part-time work.
  • The university offers student residences in the center of Southampton, suitable for studying, working, relaxing and meeting friends.
  • The university’s finance department offers its students a lot of financial support, such as education loan insurance and grants.
  • Providing loans for postgraduate students in master’s programs and scientific research programs, covering all disciplines.
  • At Solent University are many of the facilities created on the latest model, where the learner learns in an environment that is quite similar to the work environment.

Study of preparatory programs in engineering and management disciplines

Solent University offers preparatory year courses in engineering disciplines and specialization of business Administration in QA Company at Solent University, the course lasts one year, and provides the student with direct access to the university disciplines that he wants to join, through a set of academic skills that can be To apply directly to the scientific study, the preparatory year is taught in small groups, with a focus on individual development, learning by doing and collaborative work.
As for the date and how to apply for the preparatory year program, the student must apply electronically through the admission service of universities and colleges through the UCAS site by January 15, which is the same date of submission for the study of engineering disciplines and specialization of business Administration in the university through the official website Aforementioned.

The most important engineering disciplines at Solent University

Students at Solent University qualify for different degrees in many fields of engineering, including: Sound and vibration engineering, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, ship Science, Energy Engineering, Electronics Engineering, electrical engineering, Computer engineering, and engineering Civil and environmental, biomedical engineering, air and space navigation, and

Top management specialties at Solent University

In the field of business administration, undergraduate students can choose from the following disciplines: Financial accounting, business management, professional development, event management, international management, project management, and human resources management.
Joining Solent University in Britain means that you are enrolled in the top ranked university in 100 universities worldwide, according to the QS rating of 2019, and you will have an ideal business environment to help you succeed and Excel in the fields of engineering or management.


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