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Humanities and Social Sciences 

Sociology simply examines human societies, including social structures, political and legal norms, beliefs and common behaviors within a society, as well as differences between different groups and societies, and sociology relies on statistical analysis To conduct research and studies, to identify relationships and causal trends, and to examine how they relate to different theories of sociology.
Sociology is one of the departments of Social and Human sciences and intersects with other departments such as politics, economics, statistics and law.

Sociology sub specialties

Although sociology is one of the study programs based mainly on theoretical content, students have a lot of options for more in-depth specialization in one aspect of this science, the following are some of the key disciplines.
Social theories
One of the general disciplines in sociology focuses on the theoreticians of this science and highlights their contributions and theories, as well as keeping abreast of recent theories and studies in this field.
Social Research Methods
As mentioned above, sociology is very much concerned with research and social studies, and in this specialty students study social research methods that produce quantifiable evidence that is interpreted through statistical analysis, and the qualitative social research is usually based on Notes and readings based on a homogeneous set of elements.
Specialization in the study of human races, where the study and recording of different human cultures is mainly concerned, and the anthropology is usually based on fieldwork and the researcher can spend several years within a community or culture to conduct a particular research.
Crime and Punishment
One of the most common subjects of sociology and the title of the famous Russian writer  “Feodor Dostoevsky “, this specialization focuses on studying the underlying causes of crimes and how society defines crime, how it can change its perception of crime, and how societies try to prevent crime How to punish the offender, and also includes the study and analysis of ethical issues related to crime such as justifying violence and crime.
Social Welfare
This specialization is concerned with issues related to social welfare, which means studying social welfare systems including health care, housing support, unemployment compensation and retirement benefits, as well as studying the political, economic, cultural and social causes that have shaped the systems Different care and evaluate its results.

Admission requirements and duration of study

For English-speaking universities, candidates are required to obtain a score of at least 6.5 in the English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS), and the skills of statistical analysis, reporting and access to the humanities may be prerequisites for some universities.
The duration of the study varies from one university to another, depending on the specialization, the study program and the Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, but the Bachelor’s degree period is 3 to 4 years, while the master’s degree period may be up to two years.

Career prospects

Like most of the humanities and social science courses, sociology programs do not prepare students for a specific profession, so they find themselves at the same level of sociology in front of a wide range of career choices in different sectors, the most prominent of those jobs.
Social work
Community action refers to a wide range of points that focus on trying to improve the quality of life of people/”underprivileged” within the community, and social service vacancies usually exist within government bodies, civil work organizations and charitable associations.
Job-related functions are based on the roles of research, management and administration, and one of the most important issues facing community workers: drugs, unemployment, homelessness, those with special needs, children’s rights and women’s rights.
Probation and Prison Service
Students who specialize in crime and punishment can work in the Prison Service and related services, including their tasks of communicating with defendants and criminals, assessing the risk of the release of some convicts, as well as training and supporting those who have previously been reintegrated into society.
Community Development
Unlike other community work roles, these community development functions aim to improve the quality of life of large groups or communities as a whole, which means focusing on a specific geographical area and working to bring about positive changes in society.

Top 10 universities to study sociology

Depending on a methodology based on academic reputation and scientific research, the QS published its new annual publication on the best universities to study sociology, below the first 10 grades.
  • Harvard University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Oxford
  • London School of Economics and Political Science 
  • Stanford University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Cambridge
  • Eli Yale University
  • Princeton Princeton University


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