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Management and Business

In a difficult and volatile economic climate, the demand for management and business certificate holders, which is considered as a broad multidisciplinary field of study, varies according to university and college, and is one of the most prominent disciplines and study programs: Accounting, business Administration, financial management, analysis Business, business statistics, business law, human resources management, risk management, finance, marketing, operations management, etc.
These disciplines help graduates to work within the corporate environment and to deal seriously and directly with e-commerce, in addition to developing their business development capabilities and managing emerging projects.

What are the skills earned from management and business studies?

While the student may need some basic skills in statistics, mathematics, mathematical analysis, and the use of some electronic programs. However, spending several years studying one of the disciplines related to management and business may help him gain some experience and skills function smoothly to enter the world of financial markets, companies and businesses, and highlight those skills:
  • Understanding and absorbing the working mechanism of companies, organizations and institutions.
  • Advanced communication skills, analytical thinking and ability to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Sound and logical thinking.
  • Develop Public Speaking and create presentations.
  • Read, understand and interpret the financial statements.
  • Time management.
  • Understand the fluctuations and economic changes affecting the business environment.

 What are the admission requirements for Management and Business studies?

Admission requirements vary for the study of a Bachelor of Management and Business program, but in general British universities require the applicant to prove his/her abilities in English through the performance of an IELTS or TOEFL test In addition to having good grades in some of the subjects he studied during the high school Such as mathematics and statistics.
When it comes to postgraduate studies, most universities require the advanced “management Postgraduate Test”, known as the GMAT exam, in addition to a minimum of 6.5 IELTS test for students coming from non-language-speaking countries. English, while the functional experience may be a prerequisite for the study of MBA.

Duration of study

The duration of the undergraduate study in one of the disciplines of administration and business varies between 3 and 4 years depending on the university and the study program followed, while the Masters stage will not exceed two years, without calculating the year of study of the language or preparatory year if any.

Career prospects

The specialization of management, business and other related disciplines such as economics, marketing, finance and accounting is one of the most popular areas among students, especially at the postgraduate level, yet graduates of such disciplines are highly wanted for all sectors in the world.
Since the term “management and business ” is a very broad term, it means that the holder of an academic degree in this field will be faced with a wide range of professional and career options, most notably: Accounting, management with branches, marketing, economics, financial sciences with branches, investment, insurance, Financial markets, public relations, etc.
New graduates from these disciplines do not receive high salaries and wages, in contrast, the career progression of senior management levels is very easy, leading to higher salaries in the future, and according to some estimates, a bachelor’s degree in management and business has recently begun His career with an annual salary starts from $44 thousand dollars to reach 87 thousand dollars a year.
The salary of MBA graduates starts from US $109 thousand a year in North America and $117 thousand dollars in Australia, while it may be lower in western European countries, and ultimately salaries and wages are based on a range of factors such as country, company and university degree And job title.

Top 10 universities to study management and business

According to the QS top Universities, American and British universities dominate the list of the best universities and colleges to study management and business disciplines:
  1. Harvard University, United States of America
  2. London Business School, UK
  3. INSEAD Institute of Business, France
  4. Stanford University, United States of America
  5. University of Pennsylvania, United States of America
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States of America
  7. University of Cambridge, UK
  8. Oxford University, UK
  9. London School of Economics and Politics LSE, UK
  10. Bocconi University, Italy


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