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Best universities in Malaysia to study engineering 

There are a lot of Malaysian universities that have been able to prove their competence in some academic disciplines, including engineering, as one of the most important science that is indispensable for the development and renaissance of countries, and that is why the developed countries interested in the development of education and interest in the integration of modern engineering techniques for accreditation Graduates should later make technological breakthroughs in the world.
Among them are Malaysia, which has paid great attention to engineering, its study and the development of academic institutions and university educational programs in engineering, and as a result there are a large number of Malaysian universities specializing in the study of engineering; today we will jointly review the best universities in Malaysia to study Engineering to support Arab students wishing to study engineering in Malaysia.

 Curtin University, Malaysia

The university is the first international university to be established in Malaysia, and the university is home to many international students, resulting in a multicultural fabric that increases the effectiveness of learning, as well as the existence of a sophisticated campus on an area of 1,000 acres with a huge number of buildings and facilities. , There is a permanent connection between the university’s original headquarters in Australia and the Malaysian branch.

 University of Technology, Malaysia

It has been ranked among the best universities according to the QS classification and it occupies the center 249, which is a preferred option for most international students who want to study at a university in Asia in general, so that it ranks seventh in the rate of international student turnout, in which students can specialize in engineering fields Of all kinds.

 Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur IUKL

The university was established in 1998 and its motto is “for Science for Humanity “, in which a high-quality educational service offering graduates a distinctive opportunity for excellence and the best positions, which specializes in the study of advanced management and technical skills.

Monash University Malaysia

Monash University has been able to achieve a privileged position by relying on a bouquet of the best academics in addition to the modern and advanced technologies that it guarantees for students, and has been ranked in the 73rd place among the top 100 universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education World University Rating Rankings in both years 2015/2016, many international students are meant to receive a distinguished educational and research service.

Universiti Malaysia Perlis UNIMAP

Established in 2001, the University is dedicated to providing educational services in the field of engineering with the aim of graduating a group of the best engineers who have the educational experience and skills to carry the banner of industrial and engineering progress and achieve a Malaysian renaissance.

 Universiti Teknologi Petronas

The university is particularly interested in scientific research and engineering studies, making it a permanent supporter of chemical and petroleum engineering Renaissance, ranked among the top 200 international universities according to the QS classification, and Petronas offers very distinctive job opportunities for these distinguished graduates from these The university, which increases the popularity of regional and international students.
What was presented above is a list of the best universities in Malaysia for the study of Engineering, which is also the best in terms of quality of education and its connection to the needs of the labor market and the incorporation of the latest modern methods and techniques witnessed by the World Day by day, so we see as a perfect opportunity and a distinctive educational destination For international students who come to Malaysia to study engineering, and to enjoy the benefits of learning abroad in full among the best leading and globally classified educational institutions.


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