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The competence of the Business Department includes planning, organizing and managing the functions and activities of persons and institutions. The main objective of this competence is to develop an understanding of management theory and its application in the development of institutions and the advancement of different companies and laboratories. Every facility on this planet needs to be managed and assisted in its Renaissance and progress.
If you want to study this specialty and study in Malaysia and start your career in management, here is the list of the best business universities in Malaysia for you to choose from:
Inti International colleges and universities are one of the most respected names in the private university education sector in Malaysia. It is part of the Laureate international Universities, a network of more than 80 accredited universities in more than 28 countries spread from the Americas and Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
This series provides certificates to more than 1 million students from all over the world. The university welcomes foreign students from more than 30 countries, and you will not feel alienated while you are here.
Best Business Administration Universities in Malaysia-Putra University
The Putra University, founded in 1931, is one of the most important universities in Malaysia in the field of research. The university has a vibrant learning environment, which continuously elaborates and modifies its academic programs to suit the needs of the current global labor market. Apart from all of this, they offer this at a cost you can afford, and there are many comfortable accommodation options there as well.
Composed of a mixture of more than 70 countries, the university’s students offer highly advanced educational and research facilities that compete with the world’s leading universities. It is the first University of its kind in Malaysia to take full membership from Britain.
Monash University in Malaysia is one of the most prestigious universities there, and the university was founded in 1988. It is the imprint developed by the famous Australian Monash University in the Asian region, with which it has the privilege of being an extension of the largest Australian and research educational institutions ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. The students here have great facilities that provide them with all the science and entertainment they need.
Sunway College
Best Business Administration Universities in Malaysia-Sunway University
Sunway College was founded in 1987 and has since grown to be one of the most important names in the higher education sector in Malaysia.
“Our mission is to develop business professionals who have a social responsibility and are ready to start their careers.”
The business management study at the college includes a wide range of programs ranging from diploma, Bachelor, Masters, to PhD.
Best Business Administration Universities in Malaysia-University of Malaysia
The College of Accountancy and business at the University of Malaysia is a center of excellence in business teaching and education and research in south-East Asia. They have acquired this distinctive reputation, locally and globally, through their unparalleled quality of education and research. The university provides programs and diplomas for the first university level as well as postgraduate studies.
Study in Malaysia – in one of Malaysia’s Best business management universities – a great opportunity to build your skills and hone your business experiences, then go on to be, as you always want, a high-class businessman.


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