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Bachelor of Business Administration in America

Bachelor of Business Administration in America and at the University of Potemak specifically gives you a bachelor degree in Business Administration in America as well as many of the advantages we will be talking about in this article.

University of Potemack in the United States of America:

The University of Potemack is recognized as a regionally accredited educational institution offering educational expertise on campus as well as online, where the university administration is working to create new flexible learning options to integrate the study into the lives of students.
High-quality fellowships, bachelor’s degrees, master’s programs and professional certifications increase the desire of any student to raise both his or her learning and professional and personal lives.
Not to mention the constantly evolving curriculum, providing the expertise and skills that graduates need, and providing advice and guidance by helping the graduate to navigate his career path and make new choices.
The University of  offers a variety of certification programs on its site in Washington, D.C., and in Northern Virginia and online.
Students have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced professional faculty in practice and theory while preparing for successful careers in the future.
The curriculum in the certification programs is continually evaluated and refined to ensure applicability to current market trends and the global economy. The university also provides all the resources and support for international students, ensuring through English as a second language programs and campus advisers that all students have equal learning opportunities.

These programs are: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:

No one denies the importance of business management in the labor market in our current time and the growing demand for businesses.

Hence, the provision, support and development of this program has emerged as a constant.

What are the competencies of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduate program?

  • Assess ethical and legal issues that may affect business functions and their implications for regulatory decision making in companies and institutions.
  • The ability to work in teams and use critical thinking from duty analysis of problems, finding appropriate solutions and communicating effectively with different stakeholders in any organization or company.
  • Demonstrate effective and professional use of communication skills, clerical and verbal work
  • Demonstrate the synthesis of business concepts, principles and theories by developing solutions to complex business and leadership problems.
  • Application of technology to analyze problems, develop business analysis and recommend management decisions and actionable strategies.

What will the student learn in the Bachelor of Business Administration program in America?

The Business Management program provides a broad base of educational materials covering the main functional areas of business management: Accounting, financial management, business management, marketing and operations. The main purpose of this program is to focus on giving the student the ability to develop the skills, expertise and knowledge that can be applied to solve problems across these different functional areas and in any field of business, industry, companies or government institutions.
The university has a multicultural atmosphere and is made up of different vibrant environments and communities, assisted by a central location in Washington, D.C., in the home of various government institutions, non-profit and international organizations and world embassies.
In addition to the headquarters in Vienna, Virginia is close to a collection of historical and cultural sites that provide opportunities for learning within and outside the classroom.

General admission requirements to be accepted in Bachelor of Business Administration in America:

  • Complete the interview in person or through the Internet.
  • Signing and submitting the certificate of completion of the general secondary school (or equivalent, such as the Public Education Development Certificate GED). Local students are required to provide a diploma that satisfies the state in which they were issued.
  • Submit an integrated application.
  • Arrange certified official copies of all previously registered schools/universities for submission to the Office of Records and registration at the University of Potemack.
  • Provide grades or marks reports for any recognized equivalency exams at the university (e.g. CLEP College exam program, non-traditional support Activity program DANTE, Advanced Placement mode program).
  • Provide certificates of any educational training of companies or professional development programs.
  • Submission of military training documents.

Admissions for international students in Bachelor of Business Administration in America:

  • An official academic guide to the completion of the general secondary School Certificate in English. (This document can be the original confirmation letter from the secondary school or an original or certified copy of the secondary Education certificate.)
  • Proof of the ability to pay sufficient financial fees in US dollars through: A statement from the official Bank of personal funds or sponsors with a certificate of support accompanied by a statement of the official bank or the scholarships through an official study grant letter.
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language through one of the international exams and in the following overall grades:
  1. TOEFL Certificate PBT: 500 for undergraduate students – 550 and above for postgraduate students.
  2. TOEFL Certificate IBT: 60 for undergraduate students – 79 and above for postgraduate students.
  3. IELTS: 6 for undergraduate students – 6.5 and above for postgraduate students.
  4. Or through the successful study of 3 years of secondary school in the English language.
  5. Or complete at least 12 certified chapters at the rate of C at a post-secondary educational institution in America in English.
  6. Payment of USD 100 and non-refundable application fee.
  7. A copy of the data page and the address in the passport.


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