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For many, Oxford’s name seems to be the impossible dream they aspire to reach, it is the famous city through its university that has been graduating the most important scientific minds for nearly eight centuries, eight centuries of science, knowledge, experience and research, making the graduate student an example To the scientific and practical level of the world.
Why study in Oxford:
Before going to Oxford, you can know that you are in front of an ancient historical city that some have given the title of the dreamy city, because of its ancient history and its ancient buildings, which are still based on the old architectural style, and may have found a witness in each era, making it the perfect city for those who have that The dreamy character is the city and dreams of spending his time moving between a modern present and a past that is still being raised.
Study costs in Oxford:
The city’s famous Oxford University holds the fifth ranking among the world’s universities, with three topics in the study, the first global centers of archeology, English language and history.
It is the best destination for anyone who wants to learn English at all because of the fluency of the city’s people and their authentic language, which they have maintained over the years, and their perfectly sound tone.
The costs of studying in Oxford study at Cambridge University compete for her from among the universities of the kingdom because of the convergence of time between the founding of the two universities, and according to history the University of Cambridge was founded by some professors from Oxford who fled the city during the periods of wars in which it erupted.
The cost ranges from 10,000 £ to 20,000 £ in various postgraduate studies, medical studies, etc.

Accommodation costs in Oxford:
Oxford is the most expensive city after London, and this makes the stay expensive for a student who has not received a scholarship, and even grant amounts may not always cover the expenses the student needs unless he is frugal because he needs a month between £1100 and £1650.
Moves in Oxford:
As in all British cities, buses are the easiest way to move within cities and are readily available, and a monthly card can be purchased and 30% deducted through the student card for all types of transfers.
What can a student do in Oxford?
Touring Oxford alone is an activity you can do and enjoy your time when you want to get out of school and squeeze it, so roaming the streets and seeing the city’s ancient buildings is a way to relax and have fun, but if you want to visit museums, there are plenty of them, as well as lounges Cinema and festivals are distinctive, and what matters to the student usually are the huge libraries which contain every book you may think of, it is an academic city first and last.
You will find theaters, cinemas and artistic performances saturating your love of arts and culture, there is the Phoenix cinema dating back to 1913 and showing classic and foreign translated films and the Schdonnian Theater, which is a jewel of Oxford architectural jewelry.
The Oxford Museum of the University, which includes the Oxford Modern Art Gallery, is the largest of its kind in southwest England and is the destination of university and academic arts.
It is great to have these events in most cases free of charge, it will cost you nothing extra, and the presence of lots of green spaces that will not be paid for roaming and your sport from running or meditation in the open air and relaxation will be an encouraging factor for you to spend time in the city.
Certainly the food has an important stake in these activities, there are restaurants that cater to all tastes, including, without doubt, Arab and Muslim restaurants.


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